This house was owned by a fashion designer and had just been re-envisioned by Commune. The outside of the house was painted black. So the idea was to take the black and white theme into the garden, with black and white accents against vibrant green.

    A courtyard was created with stone walls and low boxwood hedges, “but I couldn’t just do a typical French garden for a fashion designer,” says Luna. Instead, he formed a pattern of horizontal and vertical circles out of round, not square, boxwood platforms and spheres. Plinths with large crystals substituted for classic urns. Mirrors were hung on the back hedge. The “girls” classically represent the four seasons, Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall, but these statues were made by a Chinese artist out of shimmery white reconstituted stone, not marble.

    The owner also likes to entertain, so this courtyard was envisioned for a fashionable circle, the glitterati. “I imagined chic girls sitting at café tables, laughing, smoking, maybe going into the fountain, almost like the Belle Epoch,” says Luna. “I come up with the concept,” he says. “I never think about limitations. There’s always a way to work around them.”